HVAC Contractor From White Plains NY Does Work in New Rochelle New York 

The Pros & Cons of Doing HVAC in New Rochelle & White Plains NY

Generally, an air conditioning unit is used to improve the comfort and convenience inside a residential or commercial property. However, apart from the comfort it brings, having an AC unit may also affect the health status of persons using it, they could be your family member, employee, customers, or even yourself. That is why it is essential to understand the pros and cons of having an air conditioning system, especially in terms of its health impact.

Positive Impact of AC to Your Health


Diminish Heat-Related Symptoms

Apart from keeping your environment cool, AC unit also influences your body. During summer when days are relatively hotter than normal, people suffering from heart diseases, immune disorder, or even those individuals that are less heat tolerant, can surely benefit from the coolness that air conditioning brings. The risk of heat stroke, dehydration, and even heart attack are lessened with the help of an AC unit.

Enhance Air Quality Conditions

Another health benefit of having an AC unit is its air filtration function. When you have an air conditioning system at home or at work that has modern or special air filters, you will likely prevent or even remove contaminants from the indoor air that you breathe. Modern AC unit is equipped with air filters able to remove or trap bacteria, mold, microbes, and all other allergens that could cause diseases.

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It Can Spread Diseases

Although it may sound in contrast to the positive health benefit mentioned above, having an AC unit could also pose a threat to your health. However, this only happens when your AC cools but it is unable to reduce humidity. Humidity imbalance could allow bacteria to prosper in a room environment, making infections highly probable. This is also testified by Genci, a HVAC in White Plains NY.  


Avoiding The Negative Health Impact

In order to avoid such negative health impact of having an air conditioning unit, you should know some of the proper things to do and how to properly use your AC unit. And some of the tips are outlined below.


  • Always Clean and Regularly Replace Air Filters
  • Always Have an Annual AC Maintenance Conducted
  • Always Make Sure That Your Home Has Adequate Ventilation
  • Have Your AC Unit Installed by a Professional HVAC Contractor


Those are some of the things that you should consider when dealing with an air conditioning unit. Apart from the comfort and convenience you get, performing a proper air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, and even AC maintenance will greatly affect your health. Make sure this makes sense if you are doing HVAC in New Rochelle NY. Don’t wait for sickness to manifest before you start performing the precautionary and necessary steps mentioned above. For more details and assistance, contact your local HVAC contractor today!